Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Game list finished

I finished going through the Super Famicom game videos and noting the RPGs. Here's the list, although there may be some mistakes. It was sometimes hard to tell what was an RPG from the 15-second video clips, and I may not have correctly taken down all the info.

This is a bigger project than I thought. I had watched these videos before and was thinking there were maybe 50-70 games that would fit my criteria. Instead I have 122.

I had always known that many RPGs were only released in Japan, but I didn't realize how bad the situation actually was. I came up with 218 games, only 41 of which were released in English, and that includes about 10 bad ports of computer games, and a few more games that are questionable as RPGs (e.g. Zelda III and Brain Lord). It also seemed to get worse as the system life went on -- from 1995 on, there were nearly 100 RPGs released in Japan, and only four of them were released in English (Lufia 2, Terranigma, Super Mario RPG, and Chrono Trigger, and Terranigma only came out in Europe). I wonder if that's partly why I lost interest in consoles around that time and started playing mostly computer RPGs.

Now that's not to say all of these unreleased games are good -- I'm sure there's a lot of crap in there. But we didn't exactly get the cream of the crop either.

Meanwhile I'm still working on GDLeen. In the last boss fight I did, the first attack the enemy made was a super critical that did 985 damage, three times the max HP.

(As a side note, two things always stick out at me whenever I watch these videos: Probably 1/3 of the games that came out for the SFC are Mahjong, Go, Shogi, Pachinko, or horse racing. Also, the last SFC game came out in November 2000, nearly 9 months after the Playstation 2 went on sale in Japan.)